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Cheapest places to visit in South Asia

Posted on 15 December 2017 by admin (0)

Are you thinking of taking a grand tour of Asia this year? Well, this article will help you travel the top cheapest countries of Asia, without minimizing the excitement, amusement and happiness. Cheap places don’t mean no fun. These cheap countries of Asia are inexpensive in hoteling, eateries, toll tax, ticket cost and a lot more factors and has nothing to do with bad places. Below is the list of some major cheap countries of Asia that you must add in your list of traveling this year in Asia.

1 – Pakistan 

Pakistan is the cheapest place to travel in Asia. Situated on the coastal line of Asia, Pakistan borders India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. It is rich of natural beauty, fresh air, huge mountains and famous places that includes the Quaid e Azzam mausoleum, K2 Mount Everest, Shigar fort, Ranikot Fort, Faysal Masjid and a lot more. Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh and the cheapest country of the world is full of 5-star hotels and dining places where you can easily book an amazing room for no more than $100 per night. Moreover, Karachi is very cheap in road traveling and you can rent a car in less than $20/day and can easily enjoy the cheap shopping malls, cinemas, park as well as restaurants, where an amazing steak is no more than $8/piece. The ticket and visa cost to Pakistan is also very cheap and all this can be done far within your budget and you may save a lot for shopping in the beautiful Zainab Market on Zaibun Nisa street in Karachi. Pakistan is the best place to travel in Asia if you are on a budget and looking to explore natural beauty in cheap.

2 – India

Bordering Pakistan, India is the second cheapest country of Asia and is full of beaches, forts, museums, art galleries and cinema halls. Mumbai, the provincial capital of Maharashtra is very cheap in hoteling and that is why millions of foreigners visit this place every year to enjoy the great beaches and beauty it offers. Apart from the beaches, Mumbai has good quality food that can be eaten within a budget and you can rent a car in less than $25/day easily, and roam the whole of Mumbai within a day. Exploring Mumbai can be fun if you are traveling with your friends and you can also enjoy the nightlife Mumbai offers, all within your budget.

3 – Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the third country and one of the most versatile and utterly diversified place to visit in Asia. This country shares a large boundary with the Bay of Bengal and you can visit one of the best beaches in the world, showcasing a relaxed scenery and the best sunset and sunrise of your life. Dhaka, also the capital of Bangladesh is one of the most visited places in the world. This city has almost 98% literacy rate and has many museums, cinemas, parks and amusement places to explore. Visiting Bangladesh is easy as a pie and you can book a ticket to Dhaka well within your expenses and the visa cost to most countries is free.

These 3 countries are the cheapest in South Asia. Stay tuned for more articles on travel and leisure.