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4 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

Posted on 28 December 2017 by admin (0)

Switzerland is a rather small country compared to other giant European Nations. Nonetheless, its beauty and landscapes are far more astonishing than any other in the west. The infamous metropolitan cities such as Geneva and Zurich are the center of attractions for tourists visiting from around the world and is still not over-commercialized. The Swiss lands are like a large electromagnetic field for vacationers who want to explore countries in the winter, winters just beautify the Swiss topography by a hundred times making it unparalleled to many others. A Switzerland can result in an excuse to explore the rest of Europe just to marvel at its magnificence but here are four other reasons why you should make it a pit stop for your travel diaries.

  1. Too Stunning To Be Real Valleys

Switzerland is an anthology of electrifying waterfalls and gorges. For instance the Trumelbach Falls which are inside a mountain are sight for sore eyes. There are a thousand more equally stunning sceneries for an amazing backdrop for your travelling photo-albums. However, the best view of these valleys can only be achieved through the Swiss chairlifts that transports to you from one mountainous valley to the other suspended mid-air with thousands of feet between you and gravel.

  1. Mouthwatering Cuisines and Bonbons

Switzerland has surprisingly four different native languages which means that there is something special reserved for each clique the French, German, Romansh and Italian. They are scattered in different parts of Swiss terrain and have their own signature dishes such as the Saffron Risotto, Cheese Fondue and Landjager. The Swiss aboriginal chocolates are however, loved world-wide. You get to sample your very own bonbons, truffles, brigadeiros etc. and can even visit one of the four largest chocolate factories in Switzerland which are something much similar to the Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with chocolate waterfalls and stuff.

  1. Everything Swiss Made

Another thing mostly admired about the Swiss are the things they craft besides the food of course. Swiss made watches are admired universally, their precision and quality is noteworthy not only because of their unique designs but the luxury they can add to the most trivial things. The Swiss architecture for example is beautiful even the simplest houses feel like castles torn out of fairytale pages. Their villages are absolutely remarkable with small exotic abodes that can be your most interesting country-side adventure.


  1. Animated Nightlife

Last but not the least the lively and energetic nightlife of the cosmopolitan Swiss cities is out-of-the-world amazing. Popular choices to enjoy a day out-that most of the time results in late evenings- are in Lausanne where there is a clubbing joint in alley. The bars, exquisite drinks, cocktails and vigorous bistros are with some club music in the background to groove to is a Swiss dream come true.