4 Reasons to Visit Switzerland

Posted on 28 December 2017 (0)

Switzerland is a rather small country compared to other giant European Nations. Nonetheless, its beauty and landscapes are far more astonishing than any other in the west. The infamous metropolitan cities such as Geneva and Zurich are the center of attractions for tourists visiting from around the world and is still not over-commercialized. The Swiss lands are like a large electromagnetic field for vacationers who want to explore countries in the winter, winters just beautify the Swiss topography by a hundred times making it unparalleled to many others. A Switzerland can result in an excuse to explore the rest of Europe just to marvel at its magnificence but here are four other reasons why you should make it a pit stop for your travel diaries.

  1. Too Stunning To Be Real Valleys

Switzerland is an anthology of electrifying waterfalls and gorges. For instance the Trumelbach Falls which are inside a mountain are sight for sore eyes. There are a thousand more equally stunning sceneries for an amazing backdrop for your travelling photo-albums. However, the best view of these valleys can only be achieved through the Swiss chairlifts that transports to you from one mountainous valley to the other suspended mid-air with thousands of feet between you and gravel.

  1. Mouthwatering Cuisines and Bonbons

Switzerland has surprisingly four different native languages which means that there is something special reserved for each clique the French, German, Romansh and Italian. They are scattered in different parts of Swiss terrain and have their own signature dishes such as the Saffron Risotto, Cheese Fondue and Landjager. The Swiss aboriginal chocolates are however, loved world-wide. You get to sample your very own bonbons, truffles, brigadeiros etc. and can even visit one of the four largest chocolate factories in Switzerland which are something much similar to the Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory with chocolate waterfalls and stuff.

  1. Everything Swiss Made

Another thing mostly admired about the Swiss are the things they craft besides the food of course. Swiss made watches are admired universally, their precision and quality is noteworthy not only because of their unique designs but the luxury they can add to the most trivial things. The Swiss architecture for example is beautiful even the simplest houses feel like castles torn out of fairytale pages. Their villages are absolutely remarkable with small exotic abodes that can be your most interesting country-side adventure.


  1. Animated Nightlife

Last but not the least the lively and energetic nightlife of the cosmopolitan Swiss cities is out-of-the-world amazing. Popular choices to enjoy a day out-that most of the time results in late evenings- are in Lausanne where there is a clubbing joint in alley. The bars, exquisite drinks, cocktails and vigorous bistros are with some club music in the background to groove to is a Swiss dream come true.

Saving money on Cruise Ship Vacation

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When you are planning to go on a cruise ship vacation you must keep in mind that you are responsible for saving money as cruise line will earn as much as it can. No doubt, cruise ship vacation is the best way of spending holidays, but you must keep in mind that it is a business for them and they will cost you for everything. And to save money you must be careful at every step. Here are some tips that you must keep in mind the next time you go on a cruise ship vacation.

While searching for a cruise line for you cruise ship vacation you must do it in the off – season as the prices are low in the off – season as much as 50 %. You must keep in mind that off – season is the best time to book the cruises in case of smaller cruises. Around the world cruises have the same fair the whole year and there is not much difference in the cost. However, if you choose a travel agency to book your tickets, you might get a huge discount. This is not the case every time, but you certainly have a phone at home and can easily call each and every famous travel agency and ask them if they have any discounts on cruise ship vacations.

The biggest trap you face while on board is the sign and sail card which is necessary to take as you cannot pay at various places without this card. The problem with this card is this that it is like a credit card and they charge more on it. They allow you to pay the money at the time of leaving board and you do not need to take money with you on the board all the time. But you must avoid it as much as you can. You must go to the main desk and pay every time by cash and remain in the dining hall as food and drinks are free here.

Another trap is the kids playing area and the gift shops that charge higher than the ordinary shops. You must keep an eye on your kids that they do not buy or break any thing or else you will have to pay for it.

Cruise ship vacation is a very nice idea but if you save your money too as it is necessary for you and the cruise line will charge as much as it can. Saving money on cruise ship vacations is necessary as the handlers earns twice as much profit and we have no choice but to pay them. With this simple money saving tips we can minimize the hungry mouths of cruise ship owners.

When on ports, mostly cruise lines refer to some specific shops, but you must check the market. These so called referred shops benefit the cruise line more than to you. The specific shops that cruise lines mention is too expensive and charge almost twice as much for anything. Whether you buy a soft drink or a packet of chips, these shops don’t care of your money. Whereas, the nearby market shops are relatively cheaper and honestly have more variety than the selected shop.

Cruise ship vacation is no doubt a way of enjoyment and you can enjoy it with joy but saving money is also an important issue which cannot be avoided, if you belong to a middle-class family but if you are a rich and born with a silver spoon in your mouth money is no problem for you.


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There are a times when you want to go on a holiday during the period when not everybody is going for a holiday. This is usually the best time especially if you want to relax and take a break from the normal working activities. January makes it a perfect period of the year to go on such a holiday. This period of time everybody has just come out of December holiday. Also, this is the perfect time to go on a holiday and plan the rest of your year when you are relaxed. The following are the perfect destinations that you would consider to go for your January holidays.

  • Burma

Burma is a destination perfect for any time throughout the year but January is the perfect time to go to Burma. In January there is lots of sunshine, little rain and a conducive heat. In January its the perfect time that you get to enjoy Burma’s misty mountains, enjoy life in the tropical islands, and learn and experience the historical temples and pagodas across the land.

  • Australia’s Gold Coast

January starts at a very high note in Australia with Sydney been known for throwing the best parties for the New Year’s Day celebration. In January you get to enjoy the beauty of Australia in amazing places such as Byron Bay to Gold Coast, the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays and the east coast. January makes Gold Cost the best destination because the crowds of December have just left and the beaches are less populated, and the weather is not too hot. In January you will get to enjoy and discover private Islands, beaches, food and drinks that would give you a lifetime experience.

  • Rajasthan, India

In January the holiday crowds have just left Rajasthan leaving the place less populated. This also is the perfect time since its pleasantly warm. You can get a chance to visit its palaces at peace. In January you will get the chance to get the experience of the turquoise-speckled Udaipur and the romantic golden Jodhpur and discover the forgotten treasure of Jal Mahal and visit India lost the city of Bhangarh. In January you can also have the experience of Nights Safari in Jaisalmer through the desert and sleep under the stars as you travel on the back of the desert camel.

  • Bruges

In the midst of winter, the Beautiful Belgian City is a place to visit despite the falling of the snow. This city has the best experiences for all holiday lovers who would love to spend their holiday indoors. The city is fitted with interesting interior designs, lots of antiques, spectacular old guest houses, beautiful candlelit restaurants and bars, and much of Belgian beer. In January with fewer crowds in the holiday, you can have all of your time to move from one place to another and enjoy all these beautiful destinations in Belgian city and do your comfortable shopping without any hurry. This is a place you would love always to becoming a time over time despite the weather conditions during any season of the year.

In January holidays you will probably get the best deals at the best prices since the prices of holiday packages are not in high demand. This also ensures that you get a private and uninterrupted holiday experience.

Cheapest places to visit in South Asia

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Are you thinking of taking a grand tour of Asia this year? Well, this article will help you travel the top cheapest countries of Asia, without minimizing the excitement, amusement and happiness. Cheap places don’t mean no fun. These cheap countries of Asia are inexpensive in hoteling, eateries, toll tax, ticket cost and a lot more factors and has nothing to do with bad places. Below is the list of some major cheap countries of Asia that you must add in your list of traveling this year in Asia.

1 – Pakistan 

Pakistan is the cheapest place to travel in Asia. Situated on the coastal line of Asia, Pakistan borders India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. It is rich of natural beauty, fresh air, huge mountains and famous places that includes the Quaid e Azzam mausoleum, K2 Mount Everest, Shigar fort, Ranikot Fort, Faysal Masjid and a lot more. Karachi, the provincial capital of Sindh and the cheapest country of the world is full of 5-star hotels and dining places where you can easily book an amazing room for no more than $100 per night. Moreover, Karachi is very cheap in road traveling and you can rent a car in less than $20/day and can easily enjoy the cheap shopping malls, cinemas, park as well as restaurants, where an amazing steak is no more than $8/piece. The ticket and visa cost to Pakistan is also very cheap and all this can be done far within your budget and you may save a lot for shopping in the beautiful Zainab Market on Zaibun Nisa street in Karachi. Pakistan is the best place to travel in Asia if you are on a budget and looking to explore natural beauty in cheap.

2 – India

Bordering Pakistan, India is the second cheapest country of Asia and is full of beaches, forts, museums, art galleries and cinema halls. Mumbai, the provincial capital of Maharashtra is very cheap in hoteling and that is why millions of foreigners visit this place every year to enjoy the great beaches and beauty it offers. Apart from the beaches, Mumbai has good quality food that can be eaten within a budget and you can rent a car in less than $25/day easily, and roam the whole of Mumbai within a day. Exploring Mumbai can be fun if you are traveling with your friends and you can also enjoy the nightlife Mumbai offers, all within your budget.

3 – Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the third country and one of the most versatile and utterly diversified place to visit in Asia. This country shares a large boundary with the Bay of Bengal and you can visit one of the best beaches in the world, showcasing a relaxed scenery and the best sunset and sunrise of your life. Dhaka, also the capital of Bangladesh is one of the most visited places in the world. This city has almost 98% literacy rate and has many museums, cinemas, parks and amusement places to explore. Visiting Bangladesh is easy as a pie and you can book a ticket to Dhaka well within your expenses and the visa cost to most countries is free.

These 3 countries are the cheapest in South Asia. Stay tuned for more articles on travel and leisure.

3 Benefits of Traveling in a Tour Group

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  1. Safety

Travelling in group can often be a great advantage as the travelling agency who is in charge of your endeavors is the one who is in charge of everything else. This is a great thing for people who want to travel with their families, they obviously do not want their families to run here and there in search of food and shelter in a stranger land which is why tour groups are an excellent choice.

They offer safety and security of your treasured goods and your loved ones so that you won’t be held accountable if god forbid an accident occurs. It is actually an intelligent thing to hire a tour group because you will be surrounded by other families which makes it easier to make new friends in new country where you do not know anyone. Moreover, it guarantees that there will be other people to look over your family when you are not with them as they will be under the protection of the tour group. There is always a leader in a tour group you leave things over to and the greatest part is if you are young and want your parent’s permission a tour group will act as leverage.


  1. Organization

This is where tour groups succeed your flimsy vacation planning. Everything is pre-booked and pre-taken-care-of. Tour groups are very particular about planning their trips as they have about 10 to 15 people, at times more to take care of and the managers or guides take complaints very critically as poor service can lead to refunds. With everything pre-arranged you don’t have to run on last minute errands or go asking locals (that may speak a different language) for information or the closest hotel.

You never have to lift a finger to do anything, you are provided by guides that cater to your needs all along the duration of the trip. Your tickets are booked, you don’t have stand in long lines or waiting hours to go through that. Most things such as fare, food, hotel rent and many activities is already included in the pre-paid sum that tour groups procure, which means only an extra amount for private activities and shopping is required to carry with you. One less thing to worry about. The guides take care of everything, the food is on the table and provided for and hotel rooms are booked for in every city for you to sleep in any time.


  1. Saved Costs

Travelling in groups usually require the total expense of accommodation, food and travelling to be paid beforehand. For instance there are packages available for families which are a group of two or three or on a per person bases for a certain amount. These packages are quite cost affective and would probably cost you double if you were to go on your own.

Tour groups have managers and guides that tag along with the whole cluster, they have a plethora of local knowledge that may take us years to acquire along with fluency of a strange language. They are a great help in communicating with locals and mostly know the whereabouts of places where the most pocket-friendly things are available in good quality or maybe the best restaurant in the vicinity for a night out.